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How do I take care of my eyes as I get older?


One of the best things you can do in order to take care of your eyes as you age is to consider your ocular nutrition.

Superfoods such as spinach and kale contain phytochemicals and should be eaten at least four times a week.

Here is a surprising favorite... dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is an antioxidant. It’s also powerful with coffee and “book ends the day”.

Omega 3, is another key ingredient in the health of your eyes. Omega 3s are available in fish oils and specific dry eye drops such as HydroEye.

Supplements are also important. If you don’t want to eat your vegetables, supplements such as MacularProtect, OcularProtect, are crucial. Also, if you’re very light skinned, you probably have a very light iris.  Over the age of 50, you simply must take your ocular supplements.

Another wonderful thing is to remember resveratrol. No one can get enough resveratrol everyday, so, why don’t you be a happy camper and take care of your eyes, and get an eye exam every year.


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